How to Add a Digital Signature in a Hotmail or Outlook Email. Adding a digital signature at the bottom of your email messages gives a custom look to your communications. As you construct your signature, think of how much contact information you wish to include, such as your job title, company name or website address. Microsoft Hotmail and Outlook 2010 offer a variety of fonts and font sizes to make your signature more readable to your viewers.

Learn formatting and Setting up Professional Signature with Hotmail ( If you need to write a large number of emails each day, formatting font for each email afresh and setting up your professional signature would help save a lot of time. This happens because your signature is added automatically for each email you write.


By setting up your signature for all the emails you send every day can enable you to set the message that you wish the other party only one time and not as many times as the number of emails. When you’re writing an email, you can add, or remove any information you wish to change.

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How to Create an Email Signature in Hotmail (

  • Sign in to your mail account with email or Hotmail Login.
  • Choose the Options Button located at the right on the screen beside your name and picture. Then click on the More Mail Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the Options page, click on Formatting, Signature and Font under the body of the Email. You can find it in the left column on the screen.
  • To choose the type of font you like, select font formatting and set the font and size that you wish to for your emails. Now enter the professional signature that you wish to add to all of the emails you send. The click Save at the bottom of the screen under the box where you add your signature.

The information that you add to the professional signature is unique to your emails alone. Here are a few information examples that are generally added.

The information that you would like to add:

  • Full name
  • Email Addresses
  • Physical Address
  • Telephone Number
  • The URL of your Website or Blog

A rule that is generally followed regarding the number of professional signatures is to limit it to five lines. This is a big amount of space for all your information, yet you keep it clean and professional.

Benefits of setting up a professional signature

There are multiple benefits of setting up your professional signature for the emails that you compose. It enables the recipient to know your contact information that you wish them to know.

As for professional emails, for example, information about a job opening, your professional signature enables the employer to get your comprehensive contact information all at one place. A professional signature would make it easy for them to contact you. It’d present you in your professional appearance with all professional emails you write.

If you own an online business that necessitates recruiting prospects or getting information from your customers, giving them your contact presents in a professional manner. It boosts their trust in you to do business with you. It would bring a positive impression because you’re transparent and don’t hold back from them any information. Further, remember to verify your email account.

When you communicate with an online business about the order you placed some time ago or any other information, they find it easy to contact you about the required information. This is because you have made it easy (for the email recipients to know your contact details) by adding in your email your professional contact details.

When you use this signature in personal emails, it will make it easy for others to get back to you.

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