Formerly called Hotmail is one of the most popular free online email services, provided by Microsoft. Hotmail is a Webmail service and users access it from any web browser anywhere in the world with an internet connection, provided the username and password to access the Hotmail account is known.

In article, we will talk about the Hotmail email service and how to Hotmail login process. We will discuss the various aspects involved, such as its history, its features, and how it had the spectacular growth it had at that time. India is a great nation endowed with high-quality manpower. It’s not just in the modern age but centuries ago as well. Classic examples are Arya bhatta, who invented the concept of zero. And, in the modern age, such examples could be Sabeer Bhatia, who along with Jack Smith found hotmail in 1993. hotmail had the significant features like a free account which could store up to 250 MB data virus scanning, and filters to clean up spam.


Later in 1997, Microsoft Corporation acquired hotmail at a cost of $400 million and renamed it as MSN Hotmail, which later integrated to Windows Live Hotmail.

Microsoft came out with the final version of Hotmail Mail in October 2011 and it is offered in 36 languages. It later replaces it

Hotmail is a great email service. We’d discuss here briefly the features of Once you log in to Hotmail, you can do various things. Here are a few of its important features.

  • Interactive: This feature allows you to interact with emails directly. Note that Hotmail is an online email service offered by Microsoft.
  • Calendar: It enables you to add and view colander event steered in your account. You can edit the calendar evens without the need to reload the page.
  • Update contacts: Contacts connected to your device can be easily managed and are automatically updated and saved.
  • Online integration with Office: This enables you to view, edit and create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents attached to the email without the need to download them.
  • Storage space unlimited: Hotmail allows an unlimited amount of free storage space in the drive.
  • Privacy: The Data and information you furnish during signing up and at other instances are kept confidential. Your data are not shared with third parties. hotmail uses content for the single purpose of notification services.
  • You need not pay: hotmail is free. You need not pay a price for signing up or account. You may have to pay for using other connected features like Skype.
  • Skype: Skype allows you to make video calls, voice calls with people anywhere in the worlds from your contact list. To log into Skype, you can use your Hotmail account and use its features.